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Film crew interviewing Rhona in the Sangiovese

Zarpara Vineyard in the News

Zarpara Vineyard in the News

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Zarpara is on the List!

VacationIdea.com Dream Vacation Magazine - March 9, 2024

VacationIdea.com Dream Vacation Magazine says "A visit to Willcox, Arizona is like a tour of the history of the people and places that epitomize the American Southwest... The area’s climate also makes it a prosperous grape growing region, home to nationally and internationally-known wineries, tasting rooms and local festivals."

And Zarpara Vineyard gets a special mention in their Top 15 Things to do in Willcox

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Guest Weather Reporter

Phoenix Fox 10 News - January 2, 2019

Could cold weather in Southern Arizona mean trouble for vineyard crops? Rhona is interviewed on Phoenix Fox 10 News, and reassures listeners that the vines are happily asleep beneath their winter blanket.

Zarpara Sangiovese Gets a Nod

Saddlebag Notes (Saddlebrooke) - October 30, 2018

Tom Oetinger talks about Italian wine in this Saddlebags article, and also points out how wineries closer to home are producing excellent ~local~ Italian varietal wines.

Zarpara Wines Gets Some Attention

Wine Spectator - August, 2018

We sent a couple wines to Wine Spectator, the first time we've done that. We were a little jittery because WS is kind of like, you know, "big time". Our friends at LDV winery saw this first and sent us the photo. Wow!

Sangiovese 2014 - 87 points.
Odisea 2014 - 86 points.

Wine Spectator says "drink now". We agree!